Full Livery

Full Livery is £110 per week

Full livery offers the horse and client the following :

Morning feed (all hard feed provided by owner), rugging up as necessary, turn out, full muck out, afternoon bring in, haylage, skip out and evening feed.

All straw bedding and haylage is included.

Fields will be maintained and poo picked when weather allows.

Feed and supplements can be ordered for you and you will be invoiced accordingly.

Visits from the vet, dentist, farrier etc can all be organised, however it is the owners responsibility to pay direct or leave a cheque for the correct amount.

Communication through the diary is essential to let staff know if you require your horse left or any change to their normal routine.

There will not be a set time for bringing in the horses this will depend on the weather and time of year.

Even though you are on Full livery you will still be expected to keep areas tidy and clear up any droppings or hoof pickings off the yard.  This will help to maintain a safe tidy yard.

Any additional requirements or services will be subject to an additional charge.